Welcome to the Holidays: 75% off all Paleoista Plans

Is this holiday season going to be the same as all the rest? Make this small but significant purchase your first of the holiday season- 75 % off any download plan now for one week only. Hectic calendars with all the seasonal events, allocating time to shop for gifts plus shorter days making it more difficult to spring out of bed in the pitch black dark to get in a workout can all lead down the path of getting less activity, which can then plant a teeny tiny seed in our mind of the ‘heck with it, I’ll wait til the New Year’ mindset, which can then lead not only to feeling sluggish and less productive, but putting on some extra pounds on top of those you already wanted to shed. Yikes! None of us are immune; in fact, before I knew about the Paleo diet and I followed the Standard American,  even as an athlete, I still felt I could never quite get to that lean  bodyweight I wanted, and since I was still eating those ‘good old healthy carbs in moderation’ that I ‘needed’, I was still experiencing unbalanced blood sugar levels which made me more apt to want ‘something sweet’ in the afternoon. Guess what? After I learned about Paleo, for reasons other than wanting to lose some weight, I found that any extra pounds melted off, slowly but surely, without cravings, feeling deprived or wanting to cheat. If you’ve been struggling with implementing Paleo, as many people (myself included) do when they’re starting, one of my 6 week plans can be the deal maker for you. Now, for one week only, they’re all yours for 75% off. Simply enter code: N6FQGG3M08KG when you check out from my online store. The healthier you are and the better you feel, the better you’ll be able to get every last holiday task done, while feeling full of energy! Goodbye silly diets, hello Paleo!