Regional Eating: Japanese

Eating:  Japanese           

Oh!  I could live on sashimi!  

was thrilled during a recent trip to Hawaii, to find that the breakfast buffet,
while (unfortunately) offering the typical, American horrors of breakfast-
waffles, pancakes, muffins and so on, also had a Japanese section!  Local, poached fish, an assortment of
fresh seaweed, several different options for fresh, steamed veg and regional
fruit- I was in heaven!

ordering, be sure to avoid items containing, seasoned with, or marinated in
soy-based foods, including miso, tofu and edamame.

for sashimi, rather than sushi in order to get a fresh dose of a great source
of Omega 3’s with out the added starch of rice you’d have gotten if you’d
ordered sushi instead.

always, ask what veg the chef has in house, instead of or in addition to, whatever
may be on the menu.

sauté of beef or chicken with veg can also be a great option if you’re not
feeling the nautical theme.

on the rice and noodle sides- go for more protein and veg based dishes.

restaurants offer a small serving of sliced fruit as an automatic close to a
meal- fresh orange wedges are perfect in this setting!

your trip!