What To Do When You Accidentally Ingest Something NOT Paleo

And I mean ACCIDENTALLY!  As in, you're dining at a friend's home and she tried to make a Paleo meal and didn't realize that corn starch was not, and you ate some, clandestinely hidden in the sauce…

NOT- you 'accidentally' ate a brownie piled high with hot fugde and whipped cream!

I wish there were a panacea, but if there is, I don't know about it!

When I recently experienced a horrible stomach ache that I was able to trace back to something that had been served to me and cooked in soybean oil, here's what I did:

  • Drank even more water than my normal, copious amount.
  • Drank ginger tea.
  • Had some baking soda mixed in with a cup of warm water, which helped my body restore alkalinity.  What's more basic than NaHCO3?  (Don't worry, for all you new readers, that is about as scientific as I get!: )  I had this on an empty stomach.
  • Ate more leaves than I normally do.
  • Added a bit more coconut oil to my daily intake as it's got natural properties which support a healthy gut.

Whatever you do, DON'T reach for any of those 'medicines' that you'll find at the drug store, as some can actually make a stomach ache feel worse!  For example, did you know that TUMS contain sorbitol, a low calorie sugar alcohol which is used as a binding agent (often seen in chewing gum, mints, 'low-carb' bars and even an electrolyte supplement called NUUN which athletes can take)….which is also indicated for use as a laxative and causes cramping, bloating and diarrhea!  Nice feature for a remedy, isn't it?

If the consequences you're paying as a result of the accidental ingestion are not gastric, but perhaps a skin breakout, or joint pain, you may just need to wait it out.

It certainly DOES keep you on point to go above and beyond in order to avoid any non Paleo additives!