At A Nondescript Building in Venice…

I have had three of the most exquisite dinners.

At LA Foodshop, the two talented chefs-owners,Hyejin and Itay, offer a unique dining experience amongst a communal table that seats  a large group of people who start off as strangers, and then, as the night unfolds end up becoming new friends or turn out to be a colleague of your spouse who you already indirectly knew.

This unique dynamic, coupled with a menu that is creative, decadent and varies month to month makes for an incredibly enjoyable evening, all at a very reasonable price point.

For someone like myself, who opts to avoid grains, dairy & beans, it’s a simple fix- simply attend a dinner that allows you to just not eat the dishes that contain foods you prefer to avoid.

In this special scenario, when there’s a single seating, and large quantities of delicious food are being made for all the guests, I’d prefer not to rock the seamless execution of production in the kitchen by asking for modifications; it’s just easier to attend a dinner such as the one I enjoyed last night, during which I partook of the Eggplant Carpaccio with olive oil and micro greens, the shaved sprout and kale salad with Granny Smith Apples and the local bone-in pork rib-eye with a fennel rub and apple chutney.

Other offerings on their menu included a homemade gnocchi and a pear tart, but honestly, the food I ate that did happen to be Paleoista approved was more than satisfying in and of itself.

Highly, highly recommend checking them out!

Click here for their site!