Saturday the 17th, taper week begins!

(Tapering for the Seattle Marathon, that is! Training volume is reduced (as is caloric intake) but I still include some intensity.)

Breakfast, 7am: green powder mixed w. flax & lecithin to swallow vitamins! 1/2c egg whites prepared in tsp olive oil, small piece of potato (training run to follow), banana w. raw almond butter, handful of grapes & an americano (Did you know caffeine helps to mobilze free-fatty acids? A nice bonus to the simple fact that it just tastes good!)

RUN- 11 miles, 1:20 hrs, one Hammer Gel during and small, homemade, recovery drink post

mid-day feeding: sliced turkey, small apple, spaghetti squash, mache lettuce, kombucha, green tea

pm snack: 1/2 Greens+ bar, 1/2 papaya

Dinner: baked black cod, assorted vegetables, glass o’ wine : )