What A Trip…

Nope, not talking about the drug-induced type!   Rather, the last week I spent in Mexico.

Aside from the fact that every time I travel there, I find myself gradually easing a mindset of being relaxed while at the same time being productive and focused (ok, maybe more so when I’m here on business compared to when I’m in vacay mode), this trip in particular was inspiring from a business point of view in particular.

I’ve already shared about how fantastic it was to meet some long-term clients in person, but above and beyond that, it was very motivating to speak to people about their nutrition and exercise habits and see that Paleo really is catching on.

Call it Paleo or call it eating properly or don’t call it anything at all, but when I have conversations with people from different walks of life who simply think that it makes sense to eat fresh, local veggies with clean protein and fat, and to avoid packaged junk, it gives me hope in contrast to the horrifying statistics we see all the time about the growing rates of obesity, diabetes and incidence of “Syndrome X”, amongst all the other health concerns plaguing our society today.

And while I’m certainly not under the misconception that after a week of conversations with people about their own understanding of what it takes to get healthy that the alarming state of affairs at the moment is going to be alleviated any time soon, just knowing that the word is getting out and people seem to be receptive to the concept that food can heal is incredible.

At the risk of sounding overly exuberant, please take away this request from today’s post:   please do your part.

Whether that means something on grand scale like contributing to your favorite charity that helps get real, fresh produce to those in need, as an example, or even sharing your favorite tip on how to prepare a vegetable you tried for the first time with a friend, which may seem small but is still significant, it’s all part of the big picture.

We’ve got no choice other than to each do something to play a role in averting the current path we’re heading down right now.

Bring it!