Grab & Go?

What do you think of when you see the phrase ‘grab & go’?  

Perhaps it brings to mind something a grocery store might sell with the intention to pick up something quick on the go, such as a pre-made caesar salad or a sandwich, or a something a mini mart might have in neon lights outside, in order to bring patrons in for a hot dog or pizza off their conveyor belt.   Still yet, it could conjure images of something really quick, ‘muchies’ like potato chips or even candy bars.

When did ‘quick and easy’ or ‘grab and go’ ever start to be associated with junk

Compare how long it might take to park your car outside of a gas station while you’re filling up the tank (pardon the pun- y0u’re actually filling up you car’s tank as well as yours!), venture inside and have a look around, and purchase a package of chips, a candy bar and a piece of pizza to how long it might take to part your car outside of a grocery store and purchase a package of pre-washed spinach, an apple and a small bag of raw walnuts.

It’s not that different,

It simply comes down to your state of mind and what your choice is. 

You can choose to go with the uber salty, sugary, processed refined stuff in a bag, or you can opt for healthy concoction requiring zero preparation time in the same, very short period of time.

Don’t rely on the tired old excuse that you don’t have time to eat in a healthy manner.  

If it’s important to you to make following a True Paleo regime a priority, you can find a way to do so, just like you find time to do other things you like doing.

If you’re not making eating healthy foods and exercise a priority, that’s something you need to address first before whining about not having time and other similar excuses start becoming the norm.