Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of The Day: Set A Fun Goal

While you might have a goal of losing ten pounds, fifteen pounds, or more, that in and of itself is not exactly a fun goal. Inherently, it conveys the words ‘diet’, ‘restriction’ and ‘deprivation’, none of which are exactly enticing at any time of year, let alone during the holidays. So rather than have the number on the scale be the end all, why not add something a bit more intriguing? How about signing up for your first 5k at the end of January?  Or maybe registering with your significant other for a trail race?  Whatever sounds fun and is going to get you moving is the ticket. Having that on your calendar can sometimes be just the little extra impetus needed to carve out time in the day now to get in that morning run, or pop into the gym in between work and the mall for some holiday shopping. Get those trainers on!