Posole- Without The Hominy?

If you're a fan of this hearty Mexican Pork stew, and you're missing it as you stay true to your #Paleo Diet roots, read on for some tips how to make it work without falling off course by eating corn!

Throw some onion, garlic & chilies into a stock pot with olive oil and saute til the veggies soften.  Throw in some pork tenderloin (keep it lean!) and sear for a few minutes on each side.  Pour in some homemade chicken or turkey broth, throw in some fresh cilantro, some whole peppercorns and a dash of oregano and bring to a boil.

Here's where it gets fun.  So far, you'll only have pork as the main ingredient.  So- here comes the veg!  Add whatever you like: perhaps some good old carrots & celery, or something a bit different like chopped fennel or cubed squash…

Let the dish simmer for a while, then cool, and plan on serving it the next day- as stews and soups are always better the 2nd day!