Have you come across that perfect little hole in the wall that just so happens to serve fresh, local, real food?   One that you’ve just got to share with others who might be traveling in any particular area, or perhaps people that live nearby and were simply not aware of this little gem?

Or, maybe you’ve dined at an upscale place and found it incredibly easy to order extra veg instead of the rice pilaf to accompany that grass-fed steak on the menu.

In any event, it’s becoming easier to order in a manner which is completely in keeping with a True Paleo regime…even if it is unspoken!

Could a symbol denoting Paleo-friendly (or perhaps I should say, Paleoista-friendly) on menus across the country be in the works? It is if I  have any say in the matter!

Until then, why not tweet about what your findings are and let the audience that’s developed over the past six or seven years organically keep growing and be informed.

How about creating a hashtag to trend?

Let the #PaleoistaApproved tweeting begin!