Here We Go Again!

At 7AM Hawaii Time today, I’ll be in the waters of the Pacific, ready to begin my day racing the course of the legendary Ironman World Championship here on the big island of Hawaii.

Always makes me giggle a little when I chat with anyone who doesn’t happen to be into the sport about the race; their responses vary from “And why are you doing this?” to”Wait- you have to pay to do that?  They don’t pay you?”

It’s a choice and it’s always an honor: a course with conditions never to be underestimated or to take for granted, a warm, welcoming culture with great pride of their heritage and thousands upon thousands of athletes, their families and friends alike, it’s one of the most significant days of the year.

Fueled with plenty of paleo friendly starch via the local blue sweet potatoes available in abundance here on the island, I’ll be out there with fire in the belly, ready as I’ll ever be to reach my own personal goals for the day.

Follow along live, using the athlete tracker:


Bib # 1542

For anyone else who’s also racing, whether your goal is to complete the race, beat your own PR or crush the course, have a wonderful day out there!