Holiday Paleoista Tip of the Day is Back

A few years ago, I decided to devote all my blog posts in December to a ‘holiday paleo tip of the day’.  

From handling the food and drinks at the office Christmas party or politely declining your mother in law’s cookie platter, I’ll be giving advice on how to stay true to your Paleo self all month long.

Imagine a New Year when you’re already on track to better eating and exercise habits and as a result, that much closer to your goal weight or optimal health!

 What a nice scenario instead of the old, ‘the heck with everything now; I’ll deal with my poor state of health after the holidays are over’ attitude, which can easily equal an additional ten pounds or more of extra fat.

I’ll need your help on this one, though, so email me with your questions and comments on anything Paleo and or exercise and we’ll get the interactive blogging going along full speed ahead!