In A Training Funk? Change Your Outlook!

Are you feeling bored of working out, to the point that you're considering skipping it, or maybe just throwing the whole idea out the window?

It may be that all you need is a slight change of perspective.

Please note that what follows is not intended to tell readers to train though a a nasty flu bug or injury, rather, I'm referring to being in a funky state of mind.

For me, one simple word always does the trick:  


Think about it- if you have the gift of the ability to move your body, use it!  Think of how many people cannot, or can do so with limited mobility or the amazing challenged athletes who persevere despite huge adversities.  

What prompted me to post a brief blog about this was an article in a popular magazine, which discussed how to stick to your workout routine while on vacation.  Clearly, so many people see the need to move as a chore, drudgery, something so far from being enjoyable that it's closer to punitive.

 If this is you, pick your own brain to find some form of movement that you actually enjoy and do it!  Hate the gym?  Don't force yourself into the local health club to while away the time on the elliptical that you can't stand- maybe try a hike or a walk with the dog!   Can't stand the aerobics class you go to?  Start a walking or jogging group with a few friends from work or the neighborhood.

You get the idea.  Think of the gift you have, I have, of being able to move, to keep our bodies healthy and to help ward off disease and slow the aging process….

Say a quick thank you- to the universe, to whatever, or whomever God is to you, and then… MOVE IT!!