Presentation is Key… Even in a Bowl of Fruit!

Of course, we all like to see a lovely meal presented to us, whether we're at home, a restaurant or a friend's house.  It's not just a meal that should be in keeping with a beautiful aesthetic, though…

Even a bowl of fruit, in my opinion, can be a gorgeous accent in any kitchen and there's no certain way it needs to be arranged or placed or prepared… except for…

(here's one my my pet peeves!)

those awful stickers placed all over the delicate skins of our produce!

Who wants to see a fluorescent orange sticker on their avocados or a white bar coded piece of tape on their peaches?

I know it may sound trivial, but every last detail counts in the kitchen, as far as I'm concerned.

My easy fix trick is to take a large piece of packing tape and make it into a loop, sticky side out, and then press it gently on each piece of fruit, lifting off the offensive stickers without damaging the skin or flesh (or your manicure!).

It takes two minutes and leaves you with a pretty bowl of fresh fruit to eat, without the worry of accidentally consuming a piece of sticky paper!