Boring, Plain Proteins? Get Out The Aromatics!

Simply because we follow the #PaleoDiet, there's no need to assume that on the protein front, one has to be confined to broiling or steaming with zero flavor.  True, gone are the days when you might have doused your steak with A1 Sauce, or soaked your Salmon Fillet in teriyaki, but, that doesn't leave the only alternative as dry, bland meat.

Try aromatics!

One way to expand your horizons on the spice front is to experiment beyond the realm of ground black pepper or dried garlic powder; two staples found in many kitchens.

Tonight, for example, I've made a spice blend that I'm using to first sear some bison, and will then create a braising liquid out of carrots, leeks, garlic and cucumber sauteed in olive oil, a bit of red wine and some homemade broth.  

The aromatics I've opted for are:

-Whole coriander seeds

-Whole black pepper corns

-Whole fennel seeds.

I've briefly toasted them in a skillet until their flavor comes out- about 2 -3 minutes, then ground them together in my Spice Grinder.  

I rubbed them onto the steaks, then seared them on each side.  Next, I took out the meat and set aside, sauteed the veg in the same pan, added the liquids, simmered til reduced (30 minutes or so), added the meat back in and now it's braising for a few hours, covered @ 350 in the Dutch oven.

Serving it tomorrow as dishes like these are so much tastier the next day!

Try a new spice next week; whatever you cook with it will be anything but bland!