Lose Belly Fat, Stop Aging and Reverse Type II Diabetes

Any or all of the above phrases are used all too often as tag lines for pills, powders, potions, ‘super foods’ and entire eating plans.

As if by including, or avoiding one, two or three certain foods (or food byproducts, in the form of said powders, pills or potions), we can magically halt the effects of time, achieve a slim waistline and reverse illness.

Can eating certain foods, or not eating others really have such an effect?

Yes, of course… but that is just a part of the big picture, and the damage we cause to our bodies by not moving and eating foods that are less than nutritious, or not nutritious at all, takes time to repair.

In other words, if you’re already taking Glucophage for your Type II Diabetes, are overweight, and look ten years older than you really are, a handful of Goji Berries a, a sprinkling of Chia Seeds and one serving of powdered greens aren’t going to do the trick on their own, any more than taking pill forms of garlic, turmeric and ginseng.

These things can help, of course, but consider them to be more of a supplement, or insurance policy, more so than an integral component of your diet that will somehow cancel out that large portion of Fettuccini Alfredo you ate for lunch, or balance out the fact that you haven’t worked out in weeks.

Granted, it seems that products veering more toward the unhealthy, non-food side, like pills sold to decrease your appetite or ‘burn fat’ tend to be more likely to use gimmicky ad campaigns with those catch phrase, but unfortunately, I’ve seen quite a few actual foods, or food-based products using them just as well.

This is not to imply that a handful of dried Gojis should be classified along with a ‘weight loss powder’ in terms of its ineffective ness or worse, danger; rather, just to keep in mind that the main component in allowing the body to heal has got to be an overall shift in the way one eats and moves.

An abundance of fresh, local, seasonal veggies should be at the forefront of every meal, along with a variety of proteins, sourced from the best place possible and natural, unprocessed fats.

The  “super foods” are a garnish.

Of course, for some, it may not happen overnight, but the trend must be toward that template as the goal, not just continuing along with a sedentary lifestyle, making poor food choices and hoping that by eating some maca and an a few fish oil tablets, suddenly, optimal health will be yours.

It’s  process, longer for some than others, but the human body has an incredible ability to heal, and even thrive, so why not start today?

It’s never too late to begin feeling fantastic, no matter where you’re starting from.  

There’s nothing to lose except extra pounds, poor sleep and low energy levels.

Start today with a walk, and adding some fresh veggies to your meals.  Step one doesn’t have to be a big one!