Paying It Forward On Your Birthday

Today is my birthday.  I’m 21.  (OK, that’s a bit of a fib, but I did get carded the other day whilst buying wine at Whole Foods, but that’s another story…).  

May I ask everyone for a birthday gift?  

I don’t need a thing; rather, how about spreading some good energy around?

Please do something for someone that makes a difference in their life and their health.   Send your kids to school with a healthy lunch.  Donate to a cause that helps get healthy food into the schools.  Treat your coworker to a delicious Paleo friendly lunch.  Cook a lovely Paleo meal for your family.  Rally the other parents in the PTA to make a move for a garden in your kids’ schools.  Take your dogs on a longer walk and give them some Paleo food without fillers.

Really doesn’t matter.

If I could have a birthday wish, I’d snap my fingers and our society would be far healthier than it is now.

Small steps count.

Enjoy the gift of giving!