Running While Pregnant- Just Like the Pros

Just HAD to post a link to this piece about two of the top female marathon runners, Paula Radcliffe & Kara Goucher  I've been a fan of PR for a few years after I saw her win the NY Marathon shortly having her first daughter.,7120,s6-238-275-548-13639-0,00.html

It's become the norm for women to keep on excess body fat for years after the baby's born; so much so that some of my super fit, lean mom clients who did quickly return to their pre-baby bodies have reported to me that their co-workers, family & friends have made more than one off colour comment as a result. 

One client, who gained a healthy 30 pounds while pregnant, and was back to her pre-baby weight in about six months, told me that her co-worker had pulled her aside to chat, convinced that she must have an eating disorder, otherwise how could she have returned to her slim physique so quickly.

Another reported that a friend thought she MUST be either taking an appetite suppressant or smoking!

It's NOT normal and healthy to carry 30, 40, 50 pounds of excess baby weight for years on end.

It IS normal to eat healthfully, exercise (of course, don't start something new and extreme while pregnant, but current studies are showing more and more that women needn't cut back as dramatically while pregnant as previously thought.), gain a reasonable amount of weight while pregnant, and then get back to normal and lean afterwards.

Read the article for more motivation; I, for one, LOVED it!