The New Paleo Diet Bar

This really is newsworthy- Dr. Cordain himself has endorsed the newest of the ‘bars’ claiming to be Paleo… but this one really is!

I’ve written before about products labeling themselves as such, despite containing ingredients like pea protein, whey and rice puffs!

Paleo Diet Foods has, according to their website, “combined the finest all-natural ingredients to strike the tastiest balance without compromising nutritional value.”

I’d have to agree.  

They reached out to me and offered a sample, which I was happy to try, and pleasantly satisfied with the taste, texture and portability factor.   It’s perfect for those in-a-pinch times when you find yourself in a situation far from your normal meal of fresh veggies, wild protein and healthy fat.

Definitely recommend!

For more, check out their site.

No need to risk eating unfavorable non-Paleo ingredients in a bar you picked up in a hurry at the gas station and longer!