Yoga at The Airport? Brilliant!

I saw the coolest thing this morning just before boarding a flight at the San Francisco Airport- a Yoga Room!

Regardless of whether you’re on traveling in First heading to an important meeting, or riding in a squished seat in economy, the bottom line is that flying and being seated and still for hours on end is simply not the healthiest thing for our bodies.

Of course, many travelers would likely be so pressed for time they wouldn’t have an opportunity to use such a facility; however, the mere fact that it exists speaks volumes for whomever it was that designed the airport.

Providing a space for even a quick ten minute stretch or a mini meditation session has the potential to change the mindset of the most harried passenger from stressed out and uncomfortable to calm, relaxed and centered…at least until he or she boards their connecting flight!

Plus, knowing the facility is there could perhaps create a situation whereby the passenger can allocate the time to spend the next time they find themselves at the same airport.

It’s the thought that counts!