1,2,3 Cook: Why Not Make it Easy?

When I first started following an authentic Paleo approach, back in 2004, it was a rare occasion when someone had any idea what I was talking about.

The typical response was an odd expression on whomever’s face I happened to be speaking to and then sometimes, a comment about having to eat dinosaur meat.

If that person had the time, interest and bandwidth to actually listen to what it was, they’d then say that it sounded like a healthy, common sense way of eating.

But that it seemed like it would be very hard to follow.

This was one of the reasons why Dr. Cordain and I and his wife Lorrie teamed up to write The Paleo Diet Cookbook.

The goal was to illustrate how easy and simple it can be to create delicious meals even without gluten, soy, sugar (gasp) and many of the other additives and even toxic ingredients found in all too many products that fill kitchen pantries and grocery stores nationwide.

Back then, Paleocentric cookbooks were few and far between and now, there’s a plethora of them!

Beautiful presentations, outstanding photographs, some even offered by esteemed chefs with top credentials.

However, despite this and while these books appeal to someone like myself who absolutely loves cooking, I find many clients still come back with one common complaint: it still seems too hard.

This spawned an idea.

Why not create a series of recipes to share with you, all focused on minimal ingredients and few preparatory instructions?

The deal is that when we eat locally, fresh, in season and organic, we simply don’t need a ton of sauces, dips, toppings or fillings.

Follow along every Friday for a new recipe each week.