Planning Paleo

I’ve written about this topic many a time.  Dining out Paleo is far easier than many people might imagine, and while it can certainly be done off the cuff, it’s even simpler when done in advance, via a simple phone call to the restaurant you’re planning on going to.

With all due respect to the concept that any chef might have for a dish she or he is creating, it’s been my experience nearly 100% of the time that I’ve called in advance to explain my no gluten, dairy or soy needs, that they’re taken quite seriously and met with no resistance.

Take New York, one my favorite dining cities,  as an example.  I’m here for about one week each month; and on this trip alone I’ve dined out for most meals over the last four days with ease. I have experienced several types of cuisine, from French to Mexican and Italian to Indian, and from  little hole in the wall places to three star Michelin restaurants.

As always, never leave feeling as though I’ve had to deprive myself of anything in order to remain Paleo.

Just a little reminder, particularly if you’re new to Paleo, that it really does work anywhere!