Cooking With Your Kids; What A Fabulous Idea!

I love the Wednesday edition of the NY Times for one reason- the dining section.  Filled with recipes, great NYC restaurants to check out and at least two or three interesting articles, it’s a must-read for me each mid-week.

I was particularly happy about an article that was on the front of this section yesterday, entitled My Sons The Sous Chefs.   Written by a mother of two boys, ages 14 and 10, she shares how after one too many evenings of the kids moaning and groaning about her hurried dinner prep, she had an epiphany to ask them to cook one meal per week.

They cook only when she or her husband are at home and are happy with another part of the deal; that the parents clean up!  The kids have the job to choose one weekly meal and compile a shopping list which mom happily takes to the grocery store to procure all necessary ingredients.

The kids read cookbooks and food magazines to get ideas and it sounds like it really has become a family affair for them.

How cool is that?

Why not do the same yourself?  Even if you, yourself, are not much of a cook, what a great activity to embark upon together.  Head out to the local book store, or go online and buy a book or two about beginning cooking.

Learning and then implementing the basic idea of preparing fresh, healthy (and preferably Paleo) food at home as a family will serve to be one of the most valuable gifts you could possibly bestow upon your kids.