4th of July leftovers…

Wondering what to do with all the leftover steak, chicken and fish that you have left from yesterday's BBQ?  

Leftovers are always a great way to re-make a  new meal, not to mention a cost-effective one!


Extra steak?  Throw it on top of a bed of Mache Lettuce with avocado, strawberries and cashews for a lovely, light lunch.

Copious amounts of grilled chicken breast?  Dice it, add some chopped celery, apple & red onion, raisins, curry powder, olive oil, and enjoy a Paleo chicken salad atop a bed of steamed broccoli

Too much salmon?  De-bone, then puree with fresh tomato, basil, olive oil and homemade chicken broth.  Heat to serve up your own salmon bisque.

Play around and don't be afraid to try new food combinations- you might even end up finding a new favorite!