A Paleoista Valentine’s Day

While dining out Paleo style is quite easy, sometimes it’s actually nice to plan a cozy, intimate evening at home with your special someone.

Valentine’s Day is just that type of occasion!

I find that many  restaurants tend to change their typical offering to a prix fixe menu which is not the issue in and of itself; rather, since sometimes my favorite selections aren’t offered in that instance, it can change the experience.

In addition, if you opt to stay in, you can enjoy the whole planning, shopping and cooking of the meal as a couple, which actually is quite enjoyable for anyone of the culinary persuasion!

It’s an anomaly for my own husband and I to have a chance to take a leisurely stroll through the farmer’s market together, choosing whatever suits our fancy and planning a meal based on whatever produce and protein we gather, so I actually relish the change to do so on a special occasion.

The mere principle of spending time together should supersede the concept that the day has to be all about the meal; this helps to take the emphasis off what you’re not eating, if you’re new to Paleo and perhaps missing pasta, bread or sweets, and put the focus on celebrating the beautiful relationship you have with your significant other.

What to eat?

For us, it’s always an arugula based salad with avocado, onion and whatever fresh fruit is in season, followed by either a wild salmon or grass fed filet and at least two types of veggies, one of which is often kale, prepared in a variety of ways from steamed to sautéed with garlic.

A lovely glass of Cab is fitting for this occasion and some premium, raw dark chocolate to finish the meal off properly.

Enjoying the preparation of the meal together followed by dining at a leisurely pace in front of a roaring fire or overlooking an endless sea, depending on where you call home completes the whole experience.

No grains, beans or dairy needed, thank you very much!

Happy Valentine’s Day!