An Absolute Must Have- The Slow Cooker

As much as I enjoy a trip to Williams Sonoma to stock up on the latest kitchen toys, one thing I’d never purchased, for no particular reason, is a slow-cooker.

My generous husband bought me one for Christmas and I must say I don’t know why I’d never recognized the convenience of it before!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that one can prepare a meal in less than five minutes at the start of the day, before heading out to the office, for example, by simply chopping up a few things and throwing them in, then pressing start.

The other day, I did just that; I chopped an onion and put it in the slow cooker, placed a raw, pastured chicken on top, covered it and pressed start.


Of course, one can make far more elaborate dishes, too, but in the interest of time and considering how many people have ridiculously tight schedules, I think there’s a place for one in everyone’s kitchen!

Highly, highly recommend.