Animal Fat… Eat It!

If you've been Paleo for a while, you're already well aware that eating fat is a healthy part of a balanced Paleo Diet.

But what about animal fat?  Do we need to only choose free-range chicken breast and grass-fed flank steak over fattier cuts of meats, poultry and fish?


Of course, I'm not making claims that you should ONLY eat the juicier options, but including them in your diet is not only good for you, it's more paleo (as in, closer to what they, the original Paleolithic people, would have done), it's quite delicious and is far more satiating.

Here is one example;   a leftover piece of braised, grass-fed short ribs I'd make for supper a few weeks ago and then frozen. 

The first picture shows the fat that literally melted off the meat when I reheated it…


And this second pic shows how lovely it paired with wild mesclun greens (which, like the post from a couple of days ago, did a spectacular job of being the vehicle used to soak up the 'jus').

I had this after my second workout of the day and it sustained me for a good three hours (which is a long stretch for me).

So, go ahead and eat good fat.  If you don't believe me, and think you're going to get fat from eating fat, do it for one meal only and see how much better you feel, and for how much longer, as compared to how you'd have felt if you'd gone 'fat-free' or low fat.  

Anyway, that is SO 1990's!  Get over that, and go 'back' to being Paleo!

I've been eating this way for nearly six years and my bodyfat stays easily at 7%, and I continue to race successcfully at Ironman Triathlon to boot.

What more proof do you need?