Another Challenge For My Readers- Regional Eating!

In addition to the challenge I posted the other day, I'd like to invite everyone to also post comments and questions about how to convert regional- cuisines into Paleo versions!

i did a series of pieces in The Paleo Diet's Newsletter in 2009 on what to order when dining in restaurants with specific types of food, such as Italian, Asian, Mexican and so on.

So- what can I 'Pale-itize' for you?

Looking forward to some reader commentary! 

In the interim- here's a starter:


-Go for house salad, lemon in lieu of dressing, skip the cheese..

-Enjoy the salsa- sans the cheese!  I eat the salsa with a spoon- not unlike gazpacho!

-Chicken, steak or shrimp fajitas tend to be a good option.  Ask for extra veg instead of the typical rice, beans & tortillas that usually come with.

-Carne or Pollo Asada is also a good choice.

-Skip the Margaritas!  If you're going to have the occasional drink, go with a glass of red wine.

-Postres?  Check out coconut sorbet (make sure there's no dairy- even though it's 'sorbet', some places do use dairy in their recipe, unfortunately.   Fresh mango, pineapple and papaya are also great choices, the latter of which, incidentally, also help digestion due to their content of the enzyme Bromelain!