Another Way to Make Healthy Eating Fun

Kids love a contest.  So do many adults, for that matter.

So what a great way to get them interested in healthy eating?   Aside from the health benefits they’ll glean, which, at age 10 might not be too exciting of a goal, why not make the prize a little more ‘pie in the sky’?  

That’ precisely what the First Lady is supporting as part of her Healthy Eating Agenda.

A grass-roots campaign in which ‘more than 1,300 families with children ages 8 to 12 submitted lunchtime recipes that adhered to the latest U.S.D.A. nutritional guidelines and contained each of the food groups with fruits and vegetables making up half the plate.’

The recipes were required to be original and  were judged “50 percent on their nutritional value, 25 percent on taste and 25 percent on creativity“.

What do the winners get?  

Only  the opportunity to attend a luncheon at  the White House on July 9, during which they will chow down on healthy food ,  including a selection of the winning recipes and visit the White House kitchen garden.

Gosh, I’d like to sign up for that.

The dishes presented included all sorts of creative and actually healthy options- like one little girl’s gluten-free, cauliflower crusted ‘pizza’.

This is what we need to see a lot more of!  And it doesn’t cost a cent…

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