Dig Inn and Get Paleo

One of the best things about New York City is the strong Paleo scene.

And as much as I don’t typically take the cavie approach, I have to say I am rather happy about learning about the Dig Inn Seasonal Market.  I had the opportunity to dine at their location on Madison between 39th & 40th and I was extraordinarily happy with what I found.

While they don’t market themselves outwardly at being Paleo (which can be a good thing, as those who don’t understand what True Paleo really is would likely not give it a chance), anyone who is educated about how to eat Paleo style can see for themselves how easy it is to dine there.

The few dishes that have soy or gluten are marked accordingly, and the servers were very well educated on what the ingredients of each item offered on the menu were.

Take a peak at the philosophy on their website and you’ll see how much in keeping with real Paleo, the same as what I teach, they really are:

“Health food is so often about what it lacks: fat-free, sodium-free, joy-free. An all around sauce-on-the-side culinary purgatory. Dig Inn is about what real food has to offer – taste, nutrients, seasonality, and vitality. Bottom line – we believe that you don’t have to be a health food martyr to eat well. Quality, healthful food is about abundance, freshness, and flavor – not deprivation.”

The perfect example of how and why sometimes not using the “P-word”, as I call it when its inappropriate use is getting out of hand, is suitable.

Take away the word, tell people to eat seasonally, locally and in balance with what grows in the land or runs on it, and the take away is often, “that makes sense”.

When in New York City, this is a must-eat-at place to check out.

It’s Paleoista Approved!