Another Revolting Pretend Food We Don’t Need

It’s Kraft’s new shredded cheese and breadcrumb mix, ironically named Fresh Take.

I find this almost laughable in a sad way.   You can now purchase a lovely plastic package of processed cheese, already mixed with some refined grain products along with some stabilizing additives to increase shelf life.  Just what we need!

Oh, good heavens.

How about another variety- maybe a soy and texturized vegetable protein (pure gluten) as a ‘topping’ for some overcooked spinach?

Maybe a heavy cream, Red Dye # 40 and corn puree, too, while we’re at it?

Why stop there, how about a corn syrup and crisco option?  Smother those two things on veggies and you’ll get any junk food addict to eat it.

OK, seriously.

How awful is it that our society is so conditioned to think that we need to add things like this to what could potentially otherwise be a healthy, balanced Paleo meal that tastes like the actual food that’s in it!  For example, if you’re eating steamed broccoli, roast chicken thighs, avocado and some blueberries, shouldn’t the predominant flavors actually be broccoli, chicken, avocado and blueberries?  

Such a shame to think of a meal like that, ruined by adding a packet of processed cheese and breadcrumbs, either before hand to deep fry it, or right before a quick broil to add some synthetic crunch and texture.

If your current diet includes things like this, consider what you’re doing to your body when you ingest something like that, and then consider how your body might feel if you gave it real food, and the long term positive consequence of that.

Even if you don’t follow the Paleo diet completely, or at all, for that matter, there’s no pretending products like these have a place in a healthy diet.

Please just eat some real food and enjoy the taste of…food!