Meals On Wheels Goes Gourmet

When you think of chefs Daniel Boulud, Scott Conant and none other than James Beard himself, what comes to mind?

Fine dining establishments?   Impeccable presentation?  Flavor profiles that are out of this world? 

I’d have to say all of the above ring true for me.    Being Paleo for the last nine years has not prevented me from enjoying cuisine from all regions of the world as well as places ranging from a local hole in the wall eatery in New York City to a Three Star Michelin in Los Angeles.

Until recently, the entire dining experience alone was enough to compel me to continue to try new restaurants based on the reputation of the chefs.

I just learned about another reason to support what they’re doing, because of another demographic they reach out to, who might not exactly be the customer you’d imagine.

City Meals on Wheels, which was founded in 1981 by James Beard and Gael Greene, has launched a new program called Chefs Deliver.   According to a recent article in The Times, ‘a number of New York Chefs will cook for 100 to 200 people and deliver a handful of the meals personally to clients who may be homebound, elderly and unable to get out to get weekend meals for themselves’.

The concept was the shared idea of Chefs Charlie Palmer and Daniel Boulud, who are both on the board.  For more info, visit

What an outstanding way to pay it forward!