Another Way to Cost-Effectively Keep Paleo: Buy a Meat Grinder!

Not only will you save on cost if you buy your grass-fed beef (or other, equally excellent choices of meat) wholesale in bulk, you'll also be able to control exactly what's in your burgers.

In addition, you can be creative and come up with all sorts of different combinations and flavors.

I just purchased a small meat grinder that fits my Kitchen Aid Mixer (which, surprisingly, I don't use for mixing cake batter! (sic)).

Cutting your meat into small chunks, and placing in the freezer for 10 -15 minutes, a tip from the butcher at my local Whole Foods, helped produce the perfect burger to throw on the grill, and then enjoy in a few leaves of Bibb Lettuce, with some fresh red onion and avocado- delish!

Here I am, Paleo Chef, with my new kitchen toy!