Apple Pie Alternative

Apple pie is one of the easiest things to re-create, Paleo style.

Yes, there are those who absolutely love the crust, but if you really think about it, the crust doesn’t do much to bring out the flavors of the apples or the spices that are such an important part of the dished that grace the holiday table.

I have a sentimental connection to apple pie, and even despite that I don’t miss the crust one iota.  (My very first job, at age thirteen, was baking pies at a local apple orchard close to the home I grew up in, in New York State.)

I loved baking pies, and I even loved my pastry class at culinary school, but even then, I viewed all the baking I did as more of an art project and creative outlet, compared to something I wanted to eat.

Anyway, it’s simple to make a crustless apple dessert that will appeal not only to those who are Paleo, but anyone trying not to pack on more holiday pounds.

Click HERE for my recipe!