Paleo Bridal Shower…Or Not?


I totally agree with what you wrote in yesterday’s post.   I do the same thing and keep Paleo in my own home and have become totally used to ordering Paleo at restaurants, and not letting family members talk me into eating non Paleo food during holiday gatherings.   But today, I was confronted with a situation I simply have no idea how to handle.  My best friend, who happens to be a die-hard vegan, has asked me to be her maid of honor, and along with that will come throwing her shower, which she wants to have at her mother’s house, so the idea of going to a restaurant where everyone would be able to choose what they eat is not an option.  What am I going to serve?   I am completely opposed to the idea of offering soy burgers and rice wraps, but at the same time, it’s her day and I don’t want to serve food she’s not going to eat.  Help!


Danielle, Connecticut

I have to say, Danielle, that is definitely one of the most tricky situations I could think of and I, too, would be spinning the wheels on my thinking cap to sort that situation out. 

I’d suggest a creative brainstorming session with your friend to determine what dishes you can come up with together that would be simultaneously not only feasible, but actually enjoyable for her while at the same time not something that you feel compromise your core values.

You could also factor in the time of day the shower is held. If it’s mid afternoon, for example, most people would  likely expect small plates to pick on, rather that full meals, in which case you could potentially get away with serving a nice variety of deliciously prepared options focused on loads of veggies, and fruits, a wide range of colors and the entire gamut from sweet to savory. 

While you’d typically pair these veggie and fruit options with proteins, given the circumstance, it would be equally as difficult to serve carpaccio, which would suit you, as the host, but offend her, as it would be to serve tofu, which would likely be fine with her, but would send you and your Paleo palate reeling.

You could also consider a regional theme to fine tune it further; perhaps check with her mom on this and a little history of her family’s heritage.

Ultimately, you won’t really even need to mention the fact that what you’re serving happens to be both Paleo and Vegan friendly; just make a beautiful presentation of delectable food and it will be a win-win situation.