Athlete ‘Goodie’ Bag: Oh, Dear…

Not surprisingly, most of the items in the Ironman World Championship Goodie Bag that we received at registration are:



and, unfortunately, a very good representation of what the majority of competitors that will be out there on Saturday eat to fuel most of their training and racing.


While I was ecstatic to see my fave fish oil, Nordic Naturals , represented, all else was an expected disappointment:

– Wheaties cereal (need I say more?)

-An electrolyte tab with artificial sugar

-'energy bites' containing oats, milk protein, soy protein, rice flour and whey

On a brighter note, happy that there was something other than corn-syrup based, artificial flavored and colored gatorade, as well as Power Bar gel, which I've mentioned many times as the only item in my diet that is not part of the #Paleo Diet per se (but in keeping with the guidelines of Paleo for Athletes).

Gosh, I'd be far more happy if they'd given me a raw yam that I could have baked and a banana!  What a cost-effective approach that would've been for all the IM Sponsors, too… 

Yes, I knpw, I'll keep dreamin'!!!