Avocado in your Smoothie? Absolutely!

Perhaps you're like me- someone who USED to eat tofu, back before you may've known how toxic it is to the human body.  The reason I bring this up as a comparison is that one of the things I used to like about it was its versatility.

Just like the avocado!

It may seem contrary to how we often eat this delicious fruit, in guacamole, on savory salads or chopped up with tuna tartar…

However, if you eat it alone, with nothing added to it, you'll find it's flavor can be rather mild, thus lending it to be used in meals that might be on the sweeter side, (sweeter naturally, that is!) such as a homemade smoothie!

The next time you whip up your favourite concoction (perhaps you follow one of my smoothie recipes that I've posted!) try swapping out your raw almond butter, flax meal and/or coconut oil and add some avo!

I blended a particularly delectable breakfast to go, before a workout the other day, consisting of decaf, brewed, chilled, unsweetened herbal tea, a spotty, ripe banana, a scoop of plain egg white protein powder, some avocado and a pinch of salt (I knew I'd be sweating a ton as the temp was in the 90s!).  I finished it off with a dash of nutmeg on top and it was lovely.

Once again- the idea is to think outside the box, mix and match all your Paleo foods and keep it creative!