Bananas To Go For the Long Haul- Sol Simple

I love bananas.  

They’re quite possibly my favorite fruit for an important part of a post-endurance swim, bike or run recovery meal, as well as something I’ll eat during one of said activities if it’s one I’m approaching from the perspective of long aerobic versus short and fasted.

But what about the mess?

Yes, packaged items are definitely ‘neater’ than a potentially mushy banana, but that’s not reason to opt to ingest refined grains, whey and a plethora of other unfavorable ingredients.

Sol Simple to the rescue!  I picked up some of these tasty little dried bananas the other day at a local health food shop and they were absolutely perfect for a long ride.

Organic, Fair Trade and very forward thinking, this company not only produces a product that tastes good, it’s one you’d want to support for what they stand for:

  • Sol Simple hires single mothers in marginalized communities in an effort to advance the overall well-being of women and their families in Nicaragua
  • They partner directly with producers and development missions everyday on the ground to promote farm diversification and organic certification
  • Their fruit is hand-cut and packed, providing more jobs and eliminating the need for mechanized processing

Check out their bananas, as well as their other offerings today!

Looking for something more suitable to eat at the office or at a time when you’re not in need of the natural sugars in bananas?  Don’t worry- they also sell nuts!  Something for everyone!