Mother’s Day, Paleoista Style

Treating mom to a nice brunch on Mother’s Day?  What a lovely idea… but where on earth can you go for brunch where you won’t be inundated with pancakes, muffins, pastries and a host of (non) food items that are anything but Paleo?

Well, if you happen to be near one of the up and coming restaurants that actually are Paleo, you’re in luck.

However, since they’re still rather few and far between, chances are you’ll need to brave the buffet offerings and head straight for the custom approach that many of us have grown quite used to.

It’s really not that big of a deal; it’s all about the delivery, and, given that you’re likely going to be dining at a very busy time at the restaurant, checking with the staff in advance will prove to serve you well.

  • You can’t go wrong with a veggie omelet.  Easy to find at nearly any place that offers breakfast and brunch, the only modification tends to be a gentle reminder to skip the cheese and add some extra veggies on the side in place of toast.
  • Often, restaurants will easily be able to steam a batch of veggies, or serve some of the proteins that are already being offered in the buffet, but without the coating of cheese-laden sauce it’s been sitting in all day.
  • Salads, with olive oil on the side and a selection of freshly roasted meats, or perhaps seafood, also often found at a buffet, also make for great, Paleo friendly options.
  • Tempted by the dessert section?  (Why there are dessert being offered at that hour in the day is a whole other topic!).   Curb the urge by keeping hydrated and eating a balanced meal of healthy fats, proteins and veggies.  If you’re not in the throes of a blood sugar crash, those cakes and pastries won’t look nearly as interesting.

Looking to make a little something sweet for mom’s special day?

Why not go with fruit?  

Nature’s treat, indeed, it’s easy to serve whatever is fresh, local and organic in your neck of the woods.    Sound too boring?  Pair it with a small piece of raw, fair trader dark chocolate.  So decadent, you’ll only need just a bite!

Also consider, the holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be about food.  We tend to make it such for most holidays, but really, what it’s all about is spending time with loved ones.   Give her some flowers, treat her to a spa day or simply spend the afternoon together.

Being present truly is a gift!

Happy Mother’s Day!