On The Subject of Paleo Dogs…

The other day, after returning from a trip out of town, I picked up Daisy, my Weim, from the ranch she stays when we travel.  While I waited for her in the lobby, one of the kennel techs came in to announce that one of the dogs was ready to eat, therefore her ice cream would need to be taken out of the freezer to thaw for a few minutes before dinner.

I thought I’d misunderstood what I’d heard, so I asked the receptionist if there was really a dog there who eats ice cream.  She confirmed that yes, one of the dogs boarding there only eats if her food is mixed with ice cream.

How on earth does that happen?  What would possess a human to train their dog to only eat food if it has ice cream with it?   Is the person someone who is eating for the wrong reasons, like as an emotional soothing buffer, and thinking their dog needs the same thing?

Seeing a fat or unhealthy dog is so saddening to me, as it’s completely preventable.  Unlike humans, a pet dog’s diet is almost completely  under the control of the person caring for  him or her (and I only  say almost because of the small chance of the dog eating a rodent while running on the trails or something of the like!).   To intentionally feed a dog something like ice cream is, in my opinion, despicable.

Let’s look at another interesting, but perplexing idea:  addressing your dog’s diet only after he or she gets sick (Sound familiar?  How many humans do the same thing?).  I’ve heard countless tales of people saying that their dog was suffering from joint pain, being overweight, having a dull coat, having  bad breath, not eliminating frequently enough, having a bad temper (just to list some of the maladies), but once they stopped eating kibble with fillers and switched to raw dog food and eating gluten free (why would you ever give corn to a dog anyway?), they became healthy.

Um… hello?

Why is this surprising?

Even more confusing is when the very same people put two and two together for their dogs, who then become healthy, yet they themselves keep eating crap?

When, oh when will everyone see what is right in front of our faces?

None of us, not humans nor dogs or cats (just listing two of the more commonly seen pets who need meat) are meant to be eating dried-out fillers lacking in any form of nutrition and toxic to our bodies.