Easter Without Candy?

Yes, it’s possible.

It doesn’t have to be the sugar festival that Halloween often turns into, for those of you with little ones.

Straight from the horses’ mouths (my clients who are moms), since the Easter holiday is typically one spent with family,  as compared to Halloween, a far more social event, you can oversee a lot compared to what the case would be if your kids were out trick or treating or at a costume party.

Make the focus fun for the little ones by having the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, but make the prizes something other than candy.  Their favorite toys, or art supplies or a plan to go see their favorite new movie, perhaps.

I didn’t have candy at Easter growing up, and I turned out OK!  I must share, here….

You may already be aware that my mom used quite the hippie methodology in my upbringing, and when that came to food, it meant zero sugar (except what was in fruit), no preservatives, lots of veggies and fruit, natural proteins and fats and nothing processed.

I have many funny tales to tell, but in keeping with the holiday, I’ll just relay the one to do with a chocolate Easter bunny that I received as a gift from a well meaning neighbor one Easter, when I was two.

Keep in mind, I had no idea what chocolate was, but I knew what a bunny was.

So, the kind old neighbor gave me the bunny, much to my mom’s horror and it somehow got set aside.  Apparently I went down for my nap and when I awoke, the bunny was gone.

When I asked for it, my mom told me that the chocolate bunny had hopped home to its mom.

And, I bought it.

Pardon the tangent, but the point was that it’s not going to ruin Easter if you don’t have candy all over the place for your kids.

Keep it fun and festive, and focus on family being together, enjoying a lovely, Paleo Easter meal.