Best Low Calorie Breakfast Recipes? Not the Smartest Idea.

Not sure what’s worse- starting the day with a focus of a low calorie breakfast or a low fat breakfast. Both leave a lot to be desired, with the exception being getting in a fasted workout first and then having a nicely balanced Paleo meal after the fact to keep the fat-burning going strong! Nonetheless, articles with titles such as this still seem to be more common than not in the silly tabloids as well as more reputable sources such as established news publications and journal articles sometimes written by experts with credentials up to the eyeballs. Saving calories for later in the day by skimping on breakfast is simply not the way to go.  Nor is going low fat or high carb.  Both models set the body up for feeling overly hungry later in the day and that feeling of insatiability that, at the moment, seems to require more and more food to fill up that void that was created with all the best intention, but the worst possible result. You’re much better off either getting in that workout first thing before you eat, but making sure to balance it out afterwards with appropriate amounts of fresh veggies, good fat and natural proteins. Rather than approaching the day with that old mindset many of us (myself included) have had to get away from, of ‘dieting/counting calories/saving the appetite for later’, approach the day with the theme of fueling the body and brain for the most possible productivity, clarity and focus. Yes, the brain needs a bit of sugar to operate, but it needs fat and protein just as much (if not more!) so bring it on. Eat that breakfast like a king, as the saying goes, and go for a grass fed filet with some sautéed garlicky chard and do at at 7 in the morning. What’s the issue with that?