Carne Asada for Labor Day? Cooking with Beer? Think Again!

Unlike a glass of red wine, beer does NOT have a place in a paleolithic eating regime.  Remember, 'no grains' includes items sourced from grains as well, and beer certainly falls into that category.  Regardless of whether you're thinking of drinking it, or using it in a marinade, it's still got grains, so it's still high on the list of things to avoid.

While a traditional carne asada recipe, for example, that you might be considering as part of your Labor Day menu, would call for a 12 – 24 hour marinade in beer, cilantro and orange juice with lime added in shortly before cooking, you needn't eschew the whole thing and throw the baby out with the bath water.   

I've made carne asada plenty of times without the beer and it still turns out superbly.

-Using a meat tenderizer tool, pound your grass-fed skirt steak.

-Combine some freshly chopped cilantro, orange juice, freshly ground black pepper, cayenne if you want some extra heat and freshly pressed garlic in a food processor mini-prep and whiz to combine.

-Place meat in ceramic or glass container and pour marinade on top.  Refrigerate for 24 hours.

-30' minutes before you're ready to cook, ignite your grill and remove meat from refrigerator.  Squeeze on some fresh lime juice and let sit briefly,

-Throw some green onion, bell peppers and Heirloom Tomato on the grill.

-Add steak and cook on grill until done to your level of 'doneness'.

-Cut grilled veggies and serve steak on top, with sliced avocado to add some healthy fat.

Not too likely anyone with notice the absence of the beer when the dish tastes this good!