Carnitas: Another Decadent Way to Prepare Pasture Raised Pork

I know, I know… you’re thinking I must be on some kind of a pork kick, right?    While it’s true I have been eating a bit more pork, grass fed beef and bison at this time of  year, it’s not atypical.

Chalk it up to eating with the seasons, or wanting something that feels a bit more warming, versus in the summer, when it’s baking hot outside, but it always comes back to listening to my body.

When I’m getting ready for a big training day, such as I will be this evening as I prep for a  marathon training run tomorrow, a meal on the heartier side, featuring meat rather than poultry or fish is intuitively what I want to eat.

Source it wisely, then get your slow cooker or Dutch oven out and check out my recipe for Carnitas!  Better yet, make it tomorrow and have it on Sunday… second day is always even better!