Chewing gum, and mints and breath fresheners…

What do they all have in common?  Many of the, unfortunately. contain SORBITOL, which is a low-calorie sugar alcohol, so as to lower the caloric content of these candies.  (Come on, now, that's what they are!).

Interesting to note that sorbitol is also indicated for use as a laxative.  

Furthermore, it's also interesting to note that in many people, it causes gastric distress of many kinds, without going into too much detail!

(Even worse, it's found in MANY diet or 'low carb' processed foods, including many sports 'nutrition' products!  AVOID it like the plague!)

Need fresher breath?  Make sure you're hydrated- not drinking enough water can contribute to halitosis.  So can eating an acidic diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, sugar, not exercising and certain meds!

Up your intake of fresh foods, decrease and then omit your intake of processed junk, drink more water, and, if you need to freshen your breath, chew on a mint leaf!