Classic Cookbooks!

Here it is, the very book that got me started when I was about 3 years old:


Originally published in 1953 (correct me if I'm wrong), this very book belonged to my grandmother (we called her Mor Mor, Norweigan for Mother's Mother) and then my mom and now… ME!  

The pages are tattered, torn and literally covered with fingerprints (most of which are mine) as I'd turn the pages while cooking (and day dreaming) while cooking and baking many of the reciped inside.

Granted, it's far from being a Paleo guide, but I continue to love this book nonethelss not only for the nostalgia, both personal and from a food-preparatory-evolutionary standpoint,  but also because it, not unlike my Cooking Encyclopedia from Le Cordon Bleu, literally tells you the basics of EVERYTHING!

I'm not one to collect 'things' but I do love my cookbooks.  For as long as I can remember, one of the most relaxing things I've found to do, aside from cooking itself and training, is to get lost reading a cookbook.  

Now, while I still enjoy the very same hobby, I also pride myself in my ability to 'paleo-ize' recipes in all of the books! 

Some of the information inside the book above is beyond outdated but still, it's a nice little slice of the proverbial Americana…

Curious to see what cookbooks you readers hold dear to your heart, too!