Cookies For The Dog?

I’ve seen a lot of bad food choices in many a market, ut today may be one of the worst of all.  

I saw a ready-to-bake, frozen, log-shaped concoction of cookie dog for the dog.  Picture those horrendous Pillsbury or Nestle rolls of dough that you can purchase and all that needs to be done is to cut it into slices and bake.. so you can pretend what?  That you’re baking something good for yourself or your family?  

And now you can do the same for your dog.


The reason I mention that maybe this is one of the worst is because we are 100% responsible for what our pets eat.  If they’re fat, it is completely our fault.  Dogs and cats cannot open the freezer and gorge on ice cream if they’re stressed out or stop by the drive through for a burger and fries if it’s late at night and they’re looking for something to soak up all the beer they just drank after a night out with their buddies.

Yes, I’m being ridiculous here but the point is this- with people and eating, there are far many more layers to why one chooses the wrong foods, or the wrong amounts of it and it’s not as simple as telling your children (or spouse, or roommate or whomever) ‘you cannot eat that any longer’.

But that is precisely the case with pets.

Making your pet fat should be a crime.   Of course, show them love, give them a small treat when they behave, such as a piece of natural chicken jerky with nothing added, or hey, here’s an idea: how about showing them some affection by petting them and speaking to them kindly?

But baking cookies for them?  

Come on!

Beyond absurd; downright mean and inappropriate.

Following is the ingredient panel for the treats I saw:

Oats, Evaporated Cane Juice, Palm Oil, Eggs, Cranberries, Water, Baking Soda, Carrageenan

At least we can (sort of) identify most of the items as foods, but out of the entire list, which appears appropriate for a dog or cat to eat?  One thing- an egg.  Why on earth would a canine or feline eat any grains?  Or cane juice?  Why is there a sweetener in there anyway?  Given that dogs, if given the opportunity, might opt to eat a rotting animal or trash off the street, who decided they would need to have a sweet taste in order for them to want to eat it?

Nice added touch with the carrageenan gum; yes, derived from seaweed but treated so much with so many chemical processes, there’s nothing nutritionally redeeming about it, and it also tends to cause bloating and gassiness. Just what we all want our dogs to experience.

This is really, really wrong.

Dogs, cats, humans… all of us can be the healthiest if we stay Paleo.  And none of us needs to be eating cookies.