Crab Meat in a Package??

Sounds doubtful, I know, but I couldn't resist!  As much as I love crab meat and as much as I love Whole Foods, the other day while buying my weekly fare, I came across crab meat in a vacuum-packed container in the seafood department.  A quick review of the label revealed : crab meat!

With a mere 45 kcal and 10 g Protein per serving, and next to zero fat, I went ahead and had two- always  being conscientious of consuming adequate protein portions to support my endurance training.

Being a fan of simple cooking as many of us are often pressed for time, I concocted the following meal, once at home:

Said Crab meat, avocado, flash-steamed swiss chard, lemon juice and some globe grapes; absolutely delish!  Ask anyone who knows me personally, and you'll get confirmation that the above combination is far from being atypical from what I might put together.  It's balanced in terms of fat/protein and carbohydrate, balanced in terms of the fact that it's roughly the same amount of calories I'd eat at any other meal and visually pleasing due to the multitude of colour.

Give it a try!