Don’t Worry, You Can Still Eat Donuts… Huh?

Don’t worry; even if you’ve f0und out you have Celiac Disease, Dunkin Donuts has come to the rescue by offering gluten free donuts. 

An article on , a site which is a resource for ‘gluten-free and celiac disease since 1995’ shares the ground-breaking news which, according to their stats, will appeal to the ‘one in three Americans who want to reduce gluten in their diets’.

A step in the right direction?  Maybe… but if you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac disease, or if you avoid gluten because you’re Paleo and choose to eat foods that are fresh, nutritious and not inflammatory, it’s still not a great idea to eat donuts.  Period.  

There’s just nothing remotely redeeming about them.   Yeast, white sugar, butter or shortening, flour, milk and salt…all white, all refined, all inflammatory and acid forming, simply not a good idea, even the gluten free ones which would have all of the above less the flour.

We’ve got to revisit the entire way we look at what we put in our mouths, and how we deal with rewarding ourselves for achievements, with coping with loss or depression and for keeping ourselves fueled as a day to day goal.   

For many, food ends up being the go-to for all of the above, and if it were as simple as telling one’s self that ‘they’ll never eat sugar again’ or ‘from now on, they’ll only eat completely healthy foods’ it’s doubtful we’d have the obesity epidemic and rates of illness we are seeing these days.

It takes a multi faceted approach to address these issues and develop strategies to overcome them, and I’m certainly not implying it’s going to be as easy as pie.

However, I am suggesting that trying to fool ourselves into thinking gluten free versions of junk are not actually still junk is not going to help.

We’ve all got to take a good hard look at what we’re eating, and why, and how to make whatever changes might be called for if anything in our health is less than optimal.

Donuts, even the gluten free ones, are not part of the solution!