What Is the Deal with Skimping on the Veg?

Whenever I dine out, I literally ask for a double portion (at least) of veg.  Why?  Because if I don't, I'll very likely receive one leaf of chard or two asparagus spears.

I am aware that this reflects demand.  I am an anomaly, unfortunately, in the sense that I want heaps of veg and none of the typical crap, or shall I say crappe, if you're at a fine dining establishment, that tends to come with.  Whether it's fries or Potatoes Anna, spaghetti or housemade tagliatelle, I'm always the one asking to swap out those for more veg and salad, please.

I had a bit of a laugh to myself the other day when I popped into a Trader Joe's; a shop I used to go to all the time in my student days!

I found some wild salmon, deboned, ready to cook and packaged with some lemon and kale.  Kale.  I love kale.  Here is a pic of said salmon, kale and lemon, after I removed it from its packaging and placed it on a plate to see the portions clearly:


That's ALL the kale that came with it.  It's not even one leaf.  It's not even HALF a leaf!  What the??

When are people going to get it that KALE IS NOT A GARNISH!!

Here's an 'after' shot – the resulting dinner I prepared after fixing it by adding copious amounts of greens, in the form of plenty of kale, arugula and all sorts of other colorful bits including cherries, avocado, red onion, black garlic, red bell pepper, olive oil and a few pecans.


Take a stand and demand your kale!